4 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Hip Replacement Surgeon

Have you been told recently by a hip replacement surgeon that you need your hip replaced? Well, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, “hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful operations in all of medicine” as proven by the 450,000+ total hip replacement procedures performed every year within the United States.

Let’s learn more about this popular medical procedure. We’ll first start off by talking about what hip replacement surgery is and then discuss the 4 things you should consider before choosing a hip replacement surgeon in Greenville, NC for your procedure.

What is the hip replacement surgery procedure?

A hip replacement (also called a hip arthroplasty) is a type of surgery that removes a diseased or injured hip joint and replaces it with an artificial hip joint or implant.

The goal of a total hip replacement is to replace the worn out, diseased, or injured hip with a new artificial hip so you can live a pain-free life without major hip problems.

Dr. Garrett is a board-certified physician in orthopedic surgery and specializes in the minimally-invasive direct anterior approach total hip replacement, allowing for faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays. He has over a decade worth of experience and is currently accepting new patients in Greenville, NC.

If you’re contemplating replacing your hip, here are 4 things to think about before choosing your hip replacement surgeon.

1. Why do you need hip replacement surgery? What are the benefits of getting your hip replaced by an experienced hip replacement surgeon?

Hip replacements become necessary when arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or traumatic arthritis) or other health problems cause severe hip pain and/or inflammation.

Other reasons for a total hip replacement include hip fractures or natural wear and tear of the hip joints (source: Johns Hopkins Medicine).

You can just imagine all of the benefits you’ll experience after getting your hip replaced. From a pain-free round of golf to sitting comfortably at your work desk to playing with your kids in the yard without excruciating hip pain. The benefits of hip replacement surgery are endless.

Total Hip Replacement

Total Hip Replacement (PDF)

2. What are some hip replacement risks and complications?

As with all medical procedures, there are risks involved with hip replacement surgery procedures. However, most people do not experience major complications when getting their hip replaced.

The following complications of hip replacements have been reported:

  • dislocation
  • loosening of the implant
  • blood clots
  • leg length inequality
  • infection
  • bleeding
  • needing an additional hip surgery in the future
  • nerve injury
  • bone growth outside of the normal edges of the bone
  • other complications

(source: https://www.niams.nih.gov/health-topics/hip-replacement-surgery)

If you experience any of these complications, call Dr. Garrett or your hip replacement surgeon right away for an appointment.

3. What should you do before your hip replacement surgery appointment?

In addition to the necessary medical steps prior to surgery (medical evaluations, medical tests, etc), you should also make necessary adjustments to your social life, home life and work life. Such adjustments include things like:

  • Making plans for everyday activities that you may need help with like grocery shopping, cooking, driving, bathing, doing laundry, and other routine tasks. It is likely you’ll need help for several weeks after surgery.
  • Preparing your home so everything is safe and practical. Examples include: securing handrails on all staircases; installing safety bars in the bath/shower; buying a raised toilet seat; and more.
  • Losing weight, if necessary, to lessen the stress on your new hip.
  • Speaking with Dr. Garrett about which medications to stop prior to your hip replacement surgery appointment.
  • Stopping smoking prior to your surgery as it could slow down wound healing and your recovery period.
  • Letting Dr. Garrett know if you’re pregnant or might be pregnant.

Dr. Garrett and his knowledgeable team will discuss specific pre-operative instructions with you. If at any point you have questions or concerns, please discuss them with our team.

4. Hip replacement recovery — what’s involved?

Each patient’s recovery experience is different after hip replacement surgery. It is best if you follow Dr. Garrett’s post-operative instructions regarding home care, especially during the first few weeks after your surgery appointment.

Post-operative hip replacement instructions will include things such as:

  • Pain management
  • Caring for your incision and wound
  • Nutritional support and diet recommendations
  • Activity restrictions

Following Dr. Garrett’s post-operative instructions will minimize problems after surgery, such as preventing blood clots, minimizing falls, preventing infections and other possible post-surgery problems.

Anterior Approach & the ACTIS® Total Hip System for Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Jeffrey Garrett uses cutting-edge Anterior Advantage™ by DePuy Synthes to perform hip replacement procedures with incredible precision.

By using the anterior approach (an incision at the front of the hip) versus the posterior/traditional approach (an incision at the back of the hip), you can enjoy a faster recovery, less pain, a shorter stay in the hospital plus fewer physical restrictions after the surgery compared patients who receive the traditional/posterior approach.

Dr. Jeffrey Garrett performed many total hip replacement procedures using the ACTIS® Hip System.

ACTIS® helps to increase the stability of the hip joint immediately after the procedure. It is optimized for the Anterior Approach so you’ll have a lesser recovery time post surgery and lower dislocation rates (when compared to other surgical hip replacement approaches).

Thousands of patients worldwide are thrilled with their decision to choose an orthopedic surgeon who uses the ACTIS® Hip System and the Anterior Advantage™ Approach for their total hip replacement.

(To learn more about Anterior Advantage™ Hip Replacement, please visit their webpage.)

Actis® Total Hip System

Actis® Total Hip System

Is anterior approach hip replacement surgery right for you?

An experienced hip replacement surgeon can determine whether or not you need hip replacement surgery. Just be sure you choose someone who specializes in orthopedic surgery just as Dr. Jeffrey Garrett does.

Dr. Garrett is a board-certified physician in orthopedic surgery and specializes in the minimally-invasive direct anterior approach total hip replacement, allowing for faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays. With over a decade worth of experience, he is currently accepting new patients in Greenville, NC.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garrett and get back to living the life you deserve.

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